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The ideal place to see the sea

Our oceans contain 97% of the world's water resources. Rich in biological diversity, they provide raw materials, food, and active agents in medicines. They keep energy reserves ready and serve as traffic routes as well as valuable recreational space. So the seas are extremely valuable in both economic and human terms. We as humans use the seas extensively, but we don't do enough to protect them. Our aim at SIEL59 is to contribute to protecting the marine ecosystem while also securing the potential for their sustainable use. This applies as much to the world at large as it does to our small piece of it on the North Sea with the Wadden Sea, an extremely important ecosystem.

By the way, you can also experience the Wadden Sea for yourself on one of our Wadden excursions.

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This is one major reason for our partnership with the Wadden Sea National Park.

And this is our very own personal achievement programme:

We love our North Friesland and the North Sea.
We buy our food from regional suppliers using fair trade, including:
  • Eggs from Marien-Hof
  • Cheese from Hofladen & Hofkäserei Backensholz
  • Baked goods from the Koch bakery in Langenhorn
  • Meat from Burmeister butchers
  • Game from private hunters in the region
  • Fish from Esbjerg and the North Sea
We treat food with respect.
  • We're focused on zero-waste enjoyment for the future.
  • We do not use disposable packaging.
  • We use ecologically certified detergents.
  • We go sparingly with our most valuable resource – water.
  • We only offer environmentally friendly products.
  • We work with contractors certified in sustainability.
  • We hire local craftspeople who use natural materials.
  • We provide bicycles for rent.
  • We are a fair employer.
  • We invest in further training.
  • We train and qualify hospitality professionals.

We take responsibility.

Good to know: '59 is also the year Schlüttsiel harbour was founded.

Managing Director and Chef

Carsten Hansen

Moin! That's me. I met the light of day on the coast in 1992, walked to school on the land between the seas, and trained as a chef. I've been firmly anchored in the North ever since. With one small exception, extending and honing my cooking skills for a year as a cook in Australia . I look forward to seeing you. 

Carsten Hansen

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